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Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Clip

This is an exceptional Clip for the Samsung Defrost drain, it is produced of durable plastic and is very stable. It is straightforward to put on and takes less than a minute to replacement.

DA61-06796A Clip Drain Evaporator for Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain Clip
New Evaporator Drain Clip Fits For Samsung Refrigertaor DA61-06796A US Sellers

Samsung Refrigerator Evaporator Clip

This Clip is designed to Clip onto the Defrost Drain of a Samsung refrigerator, it contains a Drain filtration system and an evaporator to convert cold liquid into hot water. The Clip is by its green and black design and it is newly made, this Clip is a first rate accessory for your refrigerator. This is an unrivaled condition Samsung Refrigerator Defrost Drain clip, it is a new, 11. Size, and it is first-class for keeping track of your refrigerator's defrosting process, the Clip is likewise first-rate for adding a touch of luxury to your refrigerator. This is an exceptional way to keep your Refrigerator defrosted and basic to use! This Clip is uncomplicated to operate and keeps the Drain open so that the Refrigerator can be defrosted easily, the Clip Drain is a metal Clip that is put on top of the Refrigerator to allow water to flow freely and the Defrost sensor is a sensor that detects the temperature. The Clip is meant to be with and easily removable so that it can be defrosted and cleaned.