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Samsung Refrigerator Wheels

The da61-04703 a for Samsung Refrigerator rear caster roller wheel is a top-of-the-heap alternative for folks hunting for a sturdy, lightweight, and budget-friendly alternative to increase their Refrigerator wheel use, it comes with and a wheel cleaner, making it basic to keep your Refrigerator wheel running smoothly. Additionally, it offers a sturdy build and is facile to clean.

Choice Parts DA61-04703A for Samsung Refrigerator Rear Caster Roller Wheel

Choice Parts DA61-04703A for Samsung

By Choice Manufactured Parts


Choice Parts DA61-04702A for Samsung Refrigerator Front Caster Roller Wheel

Choice Parts DA61-04702A for Samsung

By Choice Manufactured Parts


Samsung Refrigerator Wheels Walmart

The Wheels of a Samsung bottom mount Refrigerator are sensational surrogate to keep your Refrigerator in and out of the door, the Wheels are small enough to suit on your door but are large enough to protect and stable the refrigerator. The Wheels are also dishwasher safe so you can be sure your Refrigerator is out of the water, the Wheels of a Samsung Refrigerator are essential for stability and organization when you're moving it. These Wheels help keep the Refrigerator in check and keep it's smooth surface so your food stays put, the Samsung bottom mount Refrigerator crisper drawer Wheels are first-rate for keeping your food in order, and help keep your Refrigerator in your space. The Wheels are of valuable plastic material that does not rust and are comfortable to move, the Samsung Refrigerator Wheels are unequaled substitute to keep your Refrigerator searching its best. You can trust these Wheels to keep your Wheels clean and free of debris, the Wheels also provide a few minutes peace of mind during storage.