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Refrigerator Door Latch

If you're looking for a great, affordable fridge door latch that will help keep your refrigerator secure and organized, check out norcold's 61578522 refrigerator repl. Travel door latch. This lock is really high-quality and will keep your fridge safe and secure from damage.

Refrigerator Latches

The refrigerator latch on my refrigerator would not work. I researched the issue and found a few different ones that had the same problem. I replaced the latch and it still wouldn’t work. I tried taking the refrigerator out and putting it in the sun for a few hours, but it still wouldn’t work. I evened out the temperature in the refrigerator and it still wouldn’t work. I have the same model year refrigerator. Any ideas what the issue might be?

Refrigerator Safety Latch

This fridge latch safety keyhole is designed to keep you safe when you have a baby. The keyhole design prevents them from getting their hands inside the fridge and opening the door. The latch safety keyhole is also designed to protect your family member from getting food or hair in the fridge. this toddler-friendly fridge freezer door lock ourselves young addition to any home. The catch: it's a bit of a challenge to open it, because the catch is strong and heavy. But other than that, it's pretty much the same as the other doors on the model. this magnetic refrigerator latch catch is perfect for children aged 12 years and under. It is made of metal and plastic and has a safety catch. this is a replacement handle for the refrigerator latch camper. It is 3851174023 and it is made of materials. It is made of plastic and metal.