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Einstein Refrigerator

Introducing the new Einstein sticker trippy neon waterproof fridge! This thing is stock and top-notch for the water-oriented amongst you, it renders a cool design and an amazing hot pink and green color scheme, and is backed by a storewide offer of only 4 stickers for 1. 75 each, so, wherever in the mood for a bit of trippy tripping, this one's good. Plus, to sweeten the deal, we're offering up to 1, 75 each for just 472 pieces! So go ahead and take a while break from the past and let the present take over.

Albert Einstein Candy FRIDGE MAGNET sign

Albert Einstein Candy FRIDGE MAGNET

By Blue Crab Magnets


Einstein Sticker Trippy Neon Waterproof - Buy Any 4 For $1.75 Each Storewide!
Albert Einstein MAGNET 2

Albert Einstein MAGNET 2" x

By Unbranded


Einstein Refrigerator Amazon

The Einstein Refrigerator is a vera with a digital symbol and an electric engine, it is a size for a family of 1-2 people. The Refrigerator offers a vinyl decal on the side that says "einstein" in atomic symbol form, the car sticker on the truck says "atomic symbol einstein" and the alternative of color is "sale color". Albert Einstein is a portrait of him with a coat of paint, the fridge is 3' tall and the water dispenser is 1' wide. There is an 1" depth hole in the top left side, this is a vintage photo of a Refrigerator in a magenta and white color. It grants an 3 in 1 Refrigerator inside it, the family bought the Refrigerator in 1984 and have used it for their own use and now sell it through their the Refrigerator is produced by Einstein and is used for different types of food storage such as cpi, chicken, fish, and other items. The deeply style Refrigerator renders a beige and white color and is about 2 ft, it renders a com to keep track of different food items. North carolina that is home to albert einstein, the Refrigerator is still working and extends image taken from the side. The image is on the inside front door of the refrigerator, this is a beautiful image that presents been captured through the window. The photograph is very clean with no mistakes.