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General Electric Refrigerator

This 1940 s-era Refrigerator is a top-notch addition to your kitchen or kitchen pantry, it is manufactured from heavy-duty metal frame and metal frame. It renders a large, ish, front light and a small, ish, back light, the front light is powered by an Electric motor and the back light is powered by an Electric light bulb. The Refrigerator offers a front cupboard and a back cupboard, the Refrigerator contains ice, co2 and water.

Refrigerator With Motor On

This antique General Electric Refrigerator imparts a motor on it that makes and ends the food safe, it is a first rate addition to your Refrigerator and would be a valuable item for a secret collector. This 1930's ge Refrigerator is a sterling overview of an used product from a time period where appliances were often new, and in General use, the machine is a standard refrigerator, with its common cold water and Electric temperature controls, and is it is well-maintained and fitted with all the necessary features for an everyday use. The name means 'the old refrigerator', and the model is to be found in a standard grocery store, this 1930 s Refrigerator is produced up of heavy-duty metal construction and is a first rate way to store your fridge's contents. The metal structure and finish helps to contrast with the other parts of the refrigerator, this is a fantastic addition to your home's look and feel. This 1930 Refrigerator is a top example of an Electric refrigerator, it is still in good condition and offers a few 2022 updates. This Refrigerator is top-grade for keeping food cold for longer hours.