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Dometic Refrigerator Thermocouple

This enterprises 2931826016 mc Dometic Refrigerator Thermocouple 2-wire plug-in is a sensational alternative to read the temperature in your Dometic refrigerator, the Thermocouple is compatible with both the us standard and the uk standard electrical wiring types. The plug-in is facile to adopt and comes with an 1-year warranty.

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MC Enterprises 2932052018MC Dometic RV Fridge Thermocouple
Dometic RV Camper Refrigerator Thermocouple 2932052018

Dometic RV Camper Refrigerator Thermocouple

By Dometic Corporation


CARAVAN / MOTORHOME / BOAT- Dometic Fridge 1300 mm Thermocouple

Dometic Refrigerator Thermocouple Walmart

This Dometic electrolux fridge Thermocouple caravan motorhome camper 1400 mm is for use with electric vehicles, it is manufactured of durable materials that will last and are uncomplicated to use. This Thermocouple can be used to monitor temperature in all types of cars and vehicles, the Dometic rv fridge burner tube is a Thermocouple assembly that is used in applications where an electrical temperature sensor is used. The assembly is used attached to the fridge door or to the end of the cable that goes to the temperature sensor, the assembly is in like manner used in applications where a refrigeration system is used. The assembly offers two parts: a large, black section and a small, white section, the large part is used to have the black part of the assembly in the white part of the fridge. This Dometic Refrigerator Thermocouple is an outstanding way for a new home or for use in a refrigerator, the Thermocouple is manufactured of durable plastic and is mounted on screw top. The Thermocouple can be temperature (0-105°f) or Thermocouple reading can be made with the use of a digital readout, the Thermocouple is available in two sizes: 1" or 2" diameter. The Dometic Refrigerator Thermocouple is a replacement that is designed to keep you ice and ice cold for up to four minutes after being plugged into the network, this equipment is very important because it helps you temperature control your freezer to below the freezing point. The Dometic Refrigerator Thermocouple is a must-have for any cold storage needs.