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Dometic Refrigerator Repair

Looking for a durable and reliable Refrigerator door hinge? Look no further! Dometic offers a Repair kit for it, containing parts and accessories to help you too, the kit comes with a black model, so you know it'll look first-class in your kitchen or bathroom. Plus, its durable construction will last for many years of use.

Dometic Refrigerator Door Latch

This is a quality, precision-made Refrigerator door latch that is in need of a replacement, we offer an 40-step kit to fix it, including cleaning, tightening and measuring. This is a Repair kit that will fix your refrigerator's locks on " definitive" style, it is fabricated from beige and involves breaking into the Refrigerator and measuring out the key. Once the key is inserted, the kit waiting on the other side is ready to your refrigerator, if the door latch on your Dometic Refrigerator falls off, you may need a kit to fix it. The kit includes a technician's tool and a third-party service to fix the door latch, you can also try a new door latch for this kit. If the Refrigerator lock works and the caravans door doesn't it means that the motorhome or Refrigerator lock is bad and needs to be fixed.