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Amana Refrigerator Control Board

This is a genuine oem electrolux frigidaire Control Board 297370600, it is for the electrolux frigidaire Refrigerator and is used to Control the refrigerator's temperature. This Board is further used to Control the freezer and to ail moisture level.

Amana Refrigerator Control Board Ebay

The Amana Refrigerator Control Board pcb is a for use this Amana refrigerated carousel, it is a Control for the Amana refrigerator, responsible for regulating the temperature in the fridge, clydesdale bank. This Control is responsible for aches and pains throughout the day, allowing for a little relief at any moment, this part is important for controlling the temperature of the Amana Refrigerator and can help to improve the ice production. The whirlpool Refrigerator Control Board is a key piece of equipment needs to be in working order so that you can monitor and Control the various features of the refrigerator, this Board is actually located on the left side of the Refrigerator and is fabricated up of a series of plastic pod-like body parts that connect and connect with each other to create a self-contained, and pac controller. The controller provides two buttons - a button and a side button - and can be controlled with a finger on the front or side of the board, the Amana Refrigerator Control Board is needed to Control the refrigeration in the Amana fridge. This Board is not needed if you have an Amana refrigeration system.