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Defrost Timer Amana Refrigerator

The Defrost Timer by Amana is a top alternative to keep your Refrigerator on ice all winter long! It is a top-notch addition to home or office climate control room, and can be fitted with a variety of different Defrost timers on the market, the Amana Defrost Timer is a genuine oem product, so you can be confident that it is working properly and is connected to your heating and cooling system properly. Furthermore, the Defrost Timer can be used to Defrost the Refrigerator itself or a part of it, so you can keep your equipment running all winter long.

New Open Box Genuine OEM Whirlpool Refrigerator Defrost Timer WP2183400

New Open Box Genuine OEM

By Whirlpool


For Amana Refrigerator Defrost Timer Control Model Part # PM8025895PAAM230

Defrost Timer Amana Refrigerator Ebay

The Amana Refrigerator Timer is a temperature-controlled fahrenheit temperature control that uses regulators to keep your fridge at or near the ideal temperature for your climate, it provides a white or black finish and is manufactured from heavy-grip plastic. The Defrost Timer Amana Refrigerator is an excellent substitute to keep your Refrigerator defrosted and ready to go at all times! It comes with an 12566303 timer, so you can set a Timer for yourself or have a friend set the Timer for you, the Amana Refrigerator Timer is part of the line of products from amana. This Timer is used to set the time it takes for the fridge to de- frost (defrost), the Timer is a digital read out and offers a green light when it is ready to frost and grants a red light when it is too late. The Timer can be used with or without ice cold water, the Defrost Timer for Amana Refrigerator is mounted on the back of the freezer and is set to Defrost at a set time. When it's set to the Defrost time, the Timer goes off and the Refrigerator starts to cool down.