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Vintage Pepsi Refrigerator

This Vintage Pepsi cola Refrigerator com is a first-rate alternative to show off your into the history of the Pepsi cola company, this is produced of metal and offers the drink's name and logo on it. It is a top gift for a person who loves Pepsi cola.

Vintage Pepsi Refrigerator Cooler

This Vintage retro sign ad version of the Pepsi Refrigerator cooler extends a black and green enameled coke bottle and white and green ionic symbol on the front, the back of the cooler extends an old world look and is decorated with Pepsi soda cans and a Pepsi yogurt container. The cooler is usually used for storage or to operate as a place to keep drink temperature and time stamps, this Vintage retro sign ad for Refrigerator 5211. 3 is exceptional for a small space like a refrigerator! The sign is fabricated of plastic and gives a few small chips and dings, but it's still in outstanding condition, the advertisement says that the drink "is a top-notch drink to keep you warm in the cold winter. " this Vintage Pepsi Refrigerator is a peerless addition to your kitchen, the are just like the original with the only difference being the use of brown paint beneath the metal skin. The Refrigerator also gives the classic Pepsi logo on the front, this is an amazing Vintage Pepsi Refrigerator cooler! It is only 79 t and can only be found by picking it up only in cary, north carolina. The color is black and the design is a Pepsi cooler with a "vintage" text on the top, this is an amazing piece and is a peerless addition to all Vintage collection.