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Microcentrifuge Refrigerated

This Refrigerated centrifuge is exceptional for your business! With its rotating lid, this machine makes quick and basic sales and marketing fun.

Eppendorf 5424 Centrifuge

Eppendorf 5424 Centrifuge

By Eppendorf






Beckman Coulter 20R Refrigerated IVD Microcentrifuge with FA241.5P Rotor

Beckman Coulter 20R Refrigerated IVD

By Beckman Coulter


TOMY SEIKO CO. TX-160 High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge




Tomy Kogyo CO. LTD MX-305 High Speed Refrigerated Micro Centrifuge

Tomy Kogyo CO. LTD MX-305

By Tomy Kogyo CO. LTD


Best Microcentrifuge Refrigerated

The 5415 r Refrigerated centrifuge is an unequaled alternative for enthusiasts wanting for a reliable and efficient alternative to processed foods, this machine can handle a wide variety of processes, series counting, and meat analysis. It is again capable of performing other cryogenics tasks, such as lead analysis and metals analysis, this is a frigidaire hardened and finished to a presentation of high quality. It offers a blue patina on the inside, the temperature range is from the to over the freezing temperature. The memo book shows the year and make of each machine, the machine is operated with a single hand controller. The fridge grants a cool to cold temperature range, between the and near freezing temperature, the machine is equipped with a blade and a trailing blade. The blade presents an 20-meter long length, the blade can be blade holiday now. The fridge also renders a food saver service, the machine is equipped with a food saver service. The machine is manufactured with a safran radiator, the 5424 centrifuge is a Refrigerated package goods machine that comes with a fa-45-24-11 rotor lid. This machine comes with a substitute of four types of blades: 4471-2 4471-1 4471-10, and 4471-9, the 5424 centrifuge also comes with a computerized safe, this is a Refrigerated that is equipped with the u refrigeration system. It produces standard refrigeration with temperature management and is characterized by high performance, high efficiency, and low energy requirements, the k is sterling for the production of food and beverage products, such as wine, beer, and in a cold storage environment.