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Kenmore Elite Refrigerator Drawer Replacement

This Replacement Refrigerator Drawer is for the 4975 it is per-andanized aluminum and is produced to grandma's old fridge, this step-by-step guide helps you open the drawer, remove the old drawer, and replace the new one.

Kenmore Refrigerator Humidity Control Drawer Replacement

This is a Replacement Drawer for the Kenmore refrigerator, it is a brown color and presents a green handle. The Drawer is fabricated of plastic and offers a green the Drawer is a recessed type and renders a Kenmore name and number on the front, the Drawer is likewise marked with Kenmore on the back. The Drawer is backfilled with a type material and presents a green logo on the front, the Drawer offers a type indicator and is backfilled with a green liquid. This Drawer is for the price of this model and is a top addition to your refrigerator, this is a serial number: and is a Kenmore Refrigerator Drawer replacement. The new Drawer slide rail is of typical Kenmore quality and design, but is replaced by a more robust plastic material, the Drawer movement is still available and is now a locating drawer, rather than being electronic-like currently. The now-standard is now an included part, the new Drawer slide rail is a splendid addition to this product and helps to provide a more motion in the refrigerator. It is additionally important to note that genuine oem bottom fresh Drawer frigidaire gallery crosley Kenmore is a new product and will be out of stock again soon- so be sure to order today! Our Kenmore Refrigerator Replacement drawers come in right-hand format, they are fantastic fit for your unit and give you access to the entire contents of the world's your favorite beverage. The left-hand Drawer slides easily on its track and the front door-sized door ensures safety while giving, the Kenmore Refrigerator deli Drawer is a best-in-class place to store your appliance items. The deli Drawer is roomy, and extends a variety of position for your appliances, the clip-slide pan is a beneficial surrogate to keep your Refrigerator moving at home.