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Compressor For Haier Refrigerator

The Compressor For Haier Refrigerator starter relays is designed to protect your Refrigerator from overloading by protecting the power cord and card bay from damage, it as well designed to prevent the overloading of the relays by protecting the card bay and power cord from damage.

4Pcs PTC START RELAY EXPIC-4 / Compressor start relay for Whirlpool Refrigerator


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FIT FOR Haier Refrigerator VEGZ 11C Embraco Compressor Drive Board 0064001351

Cheap Compressor For Haier Refrigerator

This Haier Refrigerator Compressor is For the siemens refrigerator, it is 4-pin and willadapter: Haier siemens refrigerator. The Compressor will start the fridge by event: when the fridge is at the start of the power, the Compressor will start and the fridge will be supply with water from the water line, the Compressor will stop the fridge when the line is connected to the refrigerator. This Compressor is For use with the qp3-12 a Refrigerator relay starter protection parts, it is fabricated of durable plastic and metal For ease of use. When in use, the Compressor will force the compressor's belt to the rapidly becoming life-threatening point, the Compressor For the Haier Refrigerator is designed to reduce over-pumping and help improve freezer performance. It uses an 12 a power output For most purposes, and is rated For a power of 54-120 it is available as a b54-120 v or ptc For Haier Refrigerator models with a power of 12 a-54 the Compressor For the Haier Refrigerator is designed to overload protect the b54-120 v powertrain, when the protect b54-120 v powertrain is in effect, it will maintain the ice machine at a temperature that is comfortable For long periods of time. The Compressor also maintains the refrigerant level and optimize the operation of the ice machine.